Useful tips on caring for vegan leather
How to properly care for faux leather products

Useful tips on caring for vegan leather

If you want something to last you need to take care of it –  this is the basic idea that applies to just about every item, including products made from faux leather.

Even though vegan leather looks rather similar to genuine leather, there are some key differences you need to keep in mind whilst caring for your faux leather items. Let’s take a closer look at various aspects of artificial leather.

What is faux leather?

What is pleather?
What is pleather?


Vegan leather – also known as pleather, PU leather, faux leather or PVC leather – is made from plastics that are often combined with woven fabrics to emulate the surface and texture of real leather. Most common faux leathers are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PU (polyurethane). They are considerably cheaper than their genuine counterparts due to being less durable. You can read more about various faux leathers in here.

Key differences between real and faux leather

Faux leather vs real leather
Faux leather vs real leather

Before delving into the details it is important to understand the key differences between the two.

Faux leather is non-porous, which means that unlike with genuine leather, the stains will stay on top of the surface which makes cleaning a bit easier. It is also worth noting that there are two main types of faux leather available on the market – commonly referred to as PU and PVC. While PVC is considered completely non-porous the same cannot be said for PU as it is a little more breathable meaning that under the right circumstances some dirt may penetrate the material.

Avoid overdrying – it is very important to not overdry your faux leather accessories as it may cause surface cracks. This is most likely to happen with overexposure to the sun because UVB rays change the molecular structure of faux leather resulting in cracks on the surface.

If you would like to learn more about maintaining and cleaning real leather products, read more here.

Maintaining and cleaning faux leather

Taking care of your pleather products
Taking care of your pleather products


Let’s talk about maintaining faux leather first as there are several things you can do to extend the life of a faux leather product.

Direct exposure to sunlight can be devastating to your faux leather products since as the sun will easily overdry faux leather causing it to crack. Therefore, try avoid direct sunlight whenever possible. Using special conditioners will certainly help here but you can also use baby oil, for example, to create a protective layer on the surface and prevent sunrays from harming your items.

Color transference can easily occur when mixing stronger and bolder colors with lighter ones in the washing machine. Since it can be hard to detect at first, the safest way to avoid this is to wipe your faux leather products with a baby wipe after washing because once the stain has settled in it might be too late to remedy the situation.

Do not go all in with a cleaning product that you have not used before as it can easily ruin your faux leather items. It is best to first test the cleaning product on a small and less prominent area of your item to make sure there are no undesired effects.

When choosing a cleaning agent it is best to follow the simple rule of thumb and answer the following question: would you be willing to use that cleaning agent on yourself? If the answer is “no”, you should most likely avoid it.

Avoid bleach completely – this is pretty much self-explanatory since bleach will quickly dry up your faux leather resulting in a weakened structure prone to cracks.

Avoid rough cloths, sponges, brushes or the like as these will most certainly damage the surface of any faux leather product. Instead, we recommend using a soft cloth in a circular motion.

Aftertreatment is an important part of maintaining the longevity of your faux leather products. After you have finished the initial cleaning process, do not forget to wipe the affected areas again using a mild detergent.

Consistent maintenance is key to extending the life of your faux leather products and we strongly recommend regularly cleaning your faux leather accessories with a mild detergent, warm water and soft cloth.

As you can see, there are some differences between taking care of real leather and vegan leather products so make sure you follow the correct maintenance procedures for optimal results. Our cosmetics and jewelry organizers are made from high-quality vegan leather, please take a closer look  here.

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