How to make a DIY leather conditioner?
Making a DIY leather conditioner

How to make a DIY leather conditioner?

Has your leather lost natural shine? Did you find yourself thinking – how can I fix this situation or do I have to start buying expensive cleaning products? If so, you have come to the right place.


If leather is part of your everyday life you should already know that it will last a lot longer if taken care of properly. However, we often neglect that duty. From time to time we need to reach for a moisturizing lotion if hands get dry or the skin becomes cracked, and the same applies to leather products. Sometimes it is necessary to clean and moisturize your leather products to maintain their original look. Having invested in leather products you should try to make sure that they last for years.


Leather that has not been taken care of not only looks bad – it can also become damaged easily. Applying a leather conditioner is an important step. A good leather polish or conditioner will smooth the leather, make it shine and protect its surface against smudging. You can most likely find most of the required ingredients at home, so you will not even need to go shopping – it’s that easy! So why not give it a try?


Let’s embark on a domestic adventure!

Make your own leather conditioner
Make your own leather conditioner

Make sure that your leather is fully finished and features a protective layer because that recipe is for finished leather only. This kind of coating may make unfinished leather more susceptible to fading and staining, which definitely is not good for your product.


Before starting the cleaning and conditioning make sure that the procedure is safe for your leather product by performing a spot test.


Step 1

It is essential to start with cleaning. Let’s talk about different stains as well – how to remove them? Pen marks and permanent marker stains can easily be removed by spraying the leather with hair spray. Another difficult problem might be glue stains as the only way to remove them is to use acetone and that can be quite risky. It may discolour the leather so you may need to dye it again. So be careful!


Skipping the cleaning is not recommended because there could be stains or dirt that would be much harder to remove later. Try to bring out the best of your leather products so they could look as good as new!


Start by giving your leather a good dusting with a soft cloth. Then, mix regular white vinegar with water using a ratio of 1:1. This mixture works as a disinfectant and a cleaning agent at the same time. Your leather might have lost some of its color now but that is nothing you should worry about. The process of moisturizing will restore its natural color and shine.


Step 2

It is time to condition your leather so let’s get started.

  • Mix two tablespoonfuls of shea butter and two tablespoonfuls of beeswax with half a cup of coconut oil or linseed oil in a small pot.
  • Heat it for 4-5 minutes and wait until the solids have become liquid.
  • Make sure you constantly stir the mixture to avoid boiling or burning.
  • Allow the mixture to cool down. Once it has cooled it should look like a thick paste. If you’re not pleased with the consistency of the mixture, you can adjust it. Just keep in mind that more wax equals a thicker paste whereas more oil means a softer mix.
  • You can store the mixture in a glass or metal container.

This kind of mixture is also used as a basis for products like lip balm, oiled canvas and much more. It is very long-lasting and you do not need to worry about the mixture becoming spoiled.


Make sure that the mixture has completely cooled down as warm paste may cause mugginess and otherwise undesirable properties. Once the paste is ready for use, start applying small amounts of on the leather. A microfiber cloth is good tool for this procedure. By doing so you are restoring natural oils in the leather while giving it a protective coating. When the leather is thoroughly coated wipe off any excess paste. Then take another cloth and gently polish the leather to give it a proper shine.


Alternative method

An alternative method
An alternative method

Another convenient way to condition your leather is to use natural baby soap. Even though it might sound strange and somewhat hilarious, baby soap actually makes your leather very soft. No risk of staining your leather with this one!


Just mix warm water with a spoonful of natural baby soap, add a few drops of vinegar and you will have your baby soap conditioner. As previously mentioned, cleaning before conditioning is very important! Make sure you don’t skip this step.


These two DIY leather conditioners described here do not have contain any additives or colored chemicals which makes them the least harmful for us and the environment. Homemade conditioning products are good because you don’t have to pay a lot and you will get an optimal result using the least resources possible. So, if you want to go for the optimal and safest solution we suggest you try one of these two alternatives!


And that’s it – you will have a properly conditioned leather product in no time and you will love it even more! However if you prefer more conventional leather maintenance methods, then have a look at this article.


Make sure to condition your Design de Valeur products from time to time as well – bring out the best in our product and it will shine for years. Have a look at our product range in here.

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